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Notice given 17 June 2003

478  Senator Ridgeway: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes that:

(i) over 20 000 hectares of native forest is logged in Tasmania each year,

(ii) Tasmania has the second highest rate of land clearing in Australia,

(iii) the level of logging of native forests in Tasmania is threatening the natural and cultural heritage values of Tasmania and is contributing to increases in Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions, and

(iv) earlier this year, El Grande, one of Australia’s largest trees, was damaged, and possibly killed, when a regeneration burn conducted by Forestry Tasmania breached containment lines in the Florentine Valley;

(b) condemns Forestry Tasmania and the Tasmanian Forest Practices Board for their regulation of forestry operations and management of Tasmania’s native forests, in particular Forestry Tasmania’s conduct of management activities and the Tasmanian Forest Practices Board’s failure to ensure that a robust Forestry Practices Code is effectively implemented; and

(c) calls on the Tasmanian Government to:

(i) ensure logging of high conservation value old-growth forests ceases immediately, in accordance with the goals of the Tasmania Together process,

(ii) amend the Forestry Practices Code to ensure greater protection for the natural and cultural heritage values of Tasmania’s forests, and

(iii) review the regulation and management of the Tasmanian forestry sector to ensure that forestry operations are carried out in a more sustainable manner and with greater regard to the natural and cultural heritage values of Tasmania’s forests.