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Notice given 14 January 2003

Senator Brown: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 1079-1082)—With reference to energy policy and greenhouse gas emissions:

(1) Does the department have copies of any reports or documents produced by Roam Consulting in the past 5 calendar years; if so, in each case: (a) for whom was the report or document prepared; (b) what is the full title and date of the report or document; (c) what was the brief; (d) what were the main findings; and (e) can a copy of the report or document be provided.

(2) Have any documents prepared by the department or its agencies, including by the Chief Scientist, used information supplied by Roam Consulting; if so, in each case: (a) what was the full title and date of the document from which the information was used; and (b) what other data supported any conclusions drawn.

1082 Minister representing the Minister for Science

1083  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—

(1) (a) When was the decision taken to extend the pilot trial of Manpower in Victoria and Tasmania past its original completion date of September 2001; (b) who made this decision; and (c) why.

(2) Is the amount paid to Manpower the same for each recruit to the Australian Defence Force (ADF), regardless of the rank or job to be performed by the new recruit; if not, what amount is paid to Manpower for recruits to each different rank, job, geographic location etc.

(3) Can a list be provided of all the ADF recruitment call centres and their locations.

(4) For each call centre what is the number of: (a) Manpower employees; (b) uniformed ADF personnel; and (c) public servants from the department.

(5) (a) Has any decision been made to move the Manpower Defence Recruiting Call Centre from Dickson, ACT; if so: (i) when was the decision made: (ii) to where will it be moved, and (iii) when; and (b) what was the baseline operating cost for the call centre in Dickson.

(6) How much will Manpower be paid automatically under the national recruitment contract awarded in September 2002, and when, for example, what amount will Manpower be paid that is not linked to the number of recruits enlisted, and at what intervals in the life of the contracts.

1084  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—

(1) How many students graduated from the Australian Defence Force Academy (ADFA) with a PhD in each of the following years: 1998, 1999, 2000, 2001 and 2002.

(2) Of these graduates, how many produced a thesis related to military or defence issues.

(3) How much time per week, on average, do PhD supervisors spend with each student.

(4) How much funding does the Federal Government provide each year for each PhD student, including both money paid directly to the student and that paid to ADFA.

(5) What percentage of research carried out by the academic staff of ADFA is related to defence or military issues.

1085  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—With reference to each of the twenty-six Dairy Regional Assistance Program (DRAP) projects funded in the electorate of Wide Bay and listed in the answer to questions on notice nos 424 and 443 (Senate Hansard , 29 August 2002, p. 4074):

(1) When was the project application lodged with the Wide Bay Burnett Area Consultative Committee.

(2) When was the application for funding lodged with the department and when was each application assessed and approved.

(3) Was the Member for Wide Bay or his electorate office informed by the Wide Bay Burnett Area Consultative Committee of the details of the application.

(4) Did the Member for Wide Bay or his electorate office make representations in support of the application.

(5) Was the Member for Wide Bay or his electorate office consulted on the details of the application.

(6) Was the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and/or his office: (a) advised of the lodgement of the application and/or consulted on the details of the application; and (b) informed of the outcome of the assessment; if so, when was this information provided.

(7) Which individual or organisation lodged the application.

(8) What was the level of funding sought, and what level of funding was approved.

(9) What was the total cost of the proposed project.

(10) Did the applicant agree to meet 50 per cent of the cost of the project.

(11) Did the application contain proposed assessment criteria for evaluation; if so, what are the details of the assessment criteria.

(12) Has the project been evaluated; if so: (a) who conducted the evaluation; (b) when did it occur; and (c) what are its findings; if not, why not.

(13) Has the project failed to meet the milestones contained in its project plan; if so: (a) what is the nature of the failure; and (b) what action has been taken by the department to address the failure of the project to meet the terms of its project plan.

(14) If the application did not contain proposed assessment criteria, why not.

(15) Was the application varied between lodgement and approval; if so: (a) what was the nature of the variation; (b) was the variation required to ensure the proposal complied with the program guidelines; (c) who requested the variation; and (d) when was it requested.

(16) Has the project commenced; if so, when did it commence and did it commence on schedule; if not, why not.

(17) Has the project been completed; if so, when was it completed and was it completed on schedule; if not, why not.

(18) (a) If the project has been completed, has the proponent submitted a completed evaluation form including audited financial statements; if not, why not; and (b) what action has been taken by the department to ensure the proponent of the project complies with DRAP guidelines.

(19) How many direct and indirect jobs did the applicant estimate would be created by the project, and what was the anticipated duration of these jobs.

(20) Did the department evaluate the job creation forecast contained in the application; if so, what was the result of the evaluation; if not, why not.

(21) Has the project proponent provided monthly progress reports in accordance with section 1.17 of the DRAP application; if not: (a) has the project failed to comply with the requirement contained in section 1.17 of the DRAP application, and (b) what action has the department taken to address this failure. 

(22) On how many occasions has the state office of the department inspected the project in accordance with section 1.18 of the DRAP application, and on what dates did those inspections occur.

(23) If a departmental officer has not visited the project in accordance with section 1.18 of the DRAP application; why not.