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Notice given 5 February 2003

1150  Senator Hogg: To ask the Minister for Family and Community Services—In relation to the Centrelink Office located at 1085 Gold Coast Highway, Palm Beach, Queensland:

(1) What are the term and the expiry date of the current lease on the premises used by this office.

(2) Is there any plan to relocate this office; if so, what are the details.

(3) (a) What is the daily average number of face-to-face client contacts each working day; and (b) is there a day of the week or month when face-to-face contact peaks compared to any other day.

(4) Have there been any incidents in the office or the immediate vicinity that have required the filing of an incident report by staff or the intervention of the police; if so, can details be provided of each such incident.

(5) Have there been any complaints from the local community to Centrelink management regarding the behaviour of clients who visit this office; if so, can details be provided of each complaint and the action taken to address the community concerns.

(6) What consultation has taken place with local businesses to assess the financial impact on their business due to the location of this Centrelink office.