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Notice given 24 October 2002

826  Senator Nettle: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs—

(1) How many detainees previously held in immigration detention centres are currently held in state prisons.

(2) Who are these detainees.

(3) Where are they being held.

(4) How long will they be held in prison.

(5) Why have they been transferred.

(6) What is the legal basis for this imprisonment.

827  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs—With reference to the Papua New Guinea Forest Industries Association Forest Investment Seminar held in Port Moresby, March 2002:

(1) When did Austrade commence discussions with the association regarding its involvement in indirectly supporting the trade fair.

(2) What was the opportunity cost to Austrade of the 184 hours of staff time spent on the Papua New Guinea forestry exhibition.

(3) Does Austrade consider the association to be the peak body promoting eco-forestry in Papua New Guinea; if so, why.

(4) Do the association’s members include eco-forestry companies; if so, who.

(5) Is Austrade aware that the largest member of the association is the Malaysian logging company, Rimbunan Haijau.

(6) Does Austrade consider Rimbunan Haijau an eco-forestry company; if so, why; if not, why not.

(7) Which Australian companies exhibited at the trade fair.

(8) What ‘eco-forestry’ products and services were showcased at the trade fair.

(9) What does Austrade define as constituting ‘eco-forestry’.

(10) Were there any speakers at the association conference from the Papua New Guinea eco-forestry forum; if not, why not.

(11) What benefits resulted from Austrade’s involvement in the trade fair.