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Notice given 30 July 2002

500  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister for Forestry and Conservation—

(1) Is the Minister aware that, according to the latest Tasmanian Forest Practices Board report, 11.8 per cent (9,040 hectares) of the Regional Forests Agreement area’s Eucalyptus regnans remaining in 1996 was logged by 2001.

(2) Does the Minister recognise that, at this logging rate, 100 per cent will be lost by 2044 and that logging is not sustainable.

(3) Will the Government move immediately to reduce this rate to a sustainable level.

(4) What, in the Minister’s estimate, is the sustainable rate of Eucalyptus regnans logging in Tasmania for: (a) sawmills; (b) veneer; and (c) woodchip purposes.