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Notice given 16 September 2002

632  Senator Greig: To ask the Minister for Health and Ageing— With reference to the Inter-departmental Committee review of the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS):

(1) What are the terms of reference for the committee’s review of the PBS.

(2) Which stakeholders were invited to participate in the review.

(3) How did the committee decide which stakeholders to invite to participate.

(4) If stakeholders have prepared submissions, how will these be used by the committee.

(5) How can other stakeholders (ie. those not specifically invited by the committee) participate in the review.

(6) When will the report of the review be given to the Minister.

633  Senator Sherry: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Employment and Workplace Relations—

(1) (a) Which Working Women’s Centres received Commonwealth funding in each financial year from 1995-96 to 2001-02; and (b) for each financial year, how much did each centre receive.

(2) (a) Which centres will receive Commonwealth funding in the 2002-03 financial year; and (b) how much will each receive.

(3) What are the criteria by which applications for funding are assessed.

(4) In relation to the 2002-03 financial year, have any applications for funding been refused in whole or in part; if so: (a) which ones; and (b) for what reasons.

634  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General—

(1) What are the names of the community legal centres (CLCs) operating in Queensland.

(2) What are the names of the CLCs that have been closed in Queensland since 1999.

(3) What funding did each of the CLCs in Queensland receive for the financial years: (a) 2000-01; and (b) 2001-02.

(4) With the closures of these CLCs, have monies been redirected into ‘hotline’ services in Queensland or have they been retrieved by the Commonwealth.

635  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General—

(1) How do Regional Law Hotlines operate.

(2) Is the hotline a referral service only or is legal advice provided.

(3) What are the hours of operation for each of the Regional Law Hotlines in Queensland.

(4) Do solicitors directly handle the calls taken through the Regional Law Hotlines in Queensland.

(5) How many solicitors are employed to answer questions on the Regional Law Hotline in Queensland.

(6) How is advice, if any, dispensed to the callers.

(7) What funding does each Regional Law Hotline provider in Queensland receive.

636  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister representing the Attorney-General—With reference to Commonwealth funding of legal aid to the states:

(1) What is the process used by the Commonwealth Government to determine the level of funding by state to fund legal aid agencies.

(2) What is the number of matters referred by the Regional Law Hotline to legal aid agencies since it became operational in 2001.

(3) How many applications for legal aid have been rejected in Queensland in the past 2 financial years, by type of matter dealt with (eg. Family Court matter, criminal matter, etc).