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Notice given 18 June 2002

380  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs—With reference to the Maribyrnong detention centre:

(1) Given the high level of monitoring, the security cameras and the control room, which is manned 24 hours a day and has surveillance over every corridor and every area other than inside the bedrooms and toilets: (a) why is it necessary for 2-hourly headcounts; and (b) how are these headcounts conducted.

(2) Are records kept of headcounts; if so, can copies of these records be provided for the past 6 months; if not, why not.

(3) Can a schedule of the medication currently being taken by detainees and the doses of that medication together with medical records be provided.

(4) Are detainees forced to take sleeping pills or any other medication.

(5) What arrangements are in place to supervise the taking of medication.

(6) (a) What records of self harm are kept; and (b) can they be provided for the past year.

(7) Is it the case that only one blanket and no more than two on request is provided to each detainee.

(8) Why is it that visitors are not permitted to take blankets into the centre on request.

(9) Is it the case that heating at the centre was not turned on for 3 weeks after requests had been made.

(10) (a) Is the heating now fully operational; and (b) for what period of the day and night and in what areas is it turned on.

(11) Is it the case that none of the bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms have doors.

(12) Is it the case that detention guidelines call for privacy considerations; if so, how is this provided.

(13) Is it the case that detention officers who were previously employed as prison officers receive the full 6-week training course.

(14) What measures and processes are in place to ensure that complaints against officers can be made without any repercussions from, or retribution by, those officers towards the detainees.

(15) What are the current arrangements with regard to access to the external grassed area, including the size of groups allowed, times of access, number of detention officers present, etc.

(16) Is the mother of the three children aged 5 years, 3 years and 8 months permitted to accompany her child or children to kindergarten; if not, why not.

(17) Can the medical report on the detainee diagnosed with tuberculosis be provided.

(18) Where is that detainee presently.

(19) Why were detainees in the centre at the same time as this detainee not inoculated against the disease.

(20) Have the exposed detainees been subsequently tested for the disease; if not, why not.

(21) Is it the case that cut flowers are not permitted at the centre.

(22) Is it the case that visitors are not permitted to bring in notebooks and pencils; if so, when was this rule introduced.

(23) Can a copy of the rules that apply for visitors to Maribyrnong with regard to what may be brought to detainees by visitors be provided.

(24) What measures are in place to ensure that the rules are not interpreted differently or changed arbitrarily by various officers.

(25) Given that the department in its submission to the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission indicated that cricket, badminton, treadmill, basketball, billiards, jewellery-making, Egyptian dancing, computing, music classes for children and sewing classes were being provided at the Maribyrnong detention centre, can a schedule be provided showing the times when these facilities are available to detainees.

(26) What are the rules with regard to birthing mothers.

(27) What arrangements were in place for the two children of the mother who gave birth most recently.

(28) Why is it that a burns victim who required skin grafts, was not provided with that medical attention.

(29) (a) How often are fire drills conducted at the centre; and (b) can records be provided of fire drills so far in 2002 and their duration.

(30) Can a copy of the so-called log of claims developed by detainees at a recent hunger strike be provided.

(31) (a) What is the status of each claim; (b) which of these claims have been implemented; and (c) which were not implemented and why.

(32) Was a representative of the department present at the meeting at which the log of claims was discussed.

(33) With reference to a booklet produced by the Australasian Correctional Management there is a warning about injuries that can be caused by strap wire: can details be provided of (a) this device; and (b) what that advice is.

(34) What is the routine or the requirement with regard to informing detainees about the circumstances in which the accommodation charge will be made of them, that is, detainees being told that they will incur a debt and not being given advice that if, for instance, they are granted refugee status there is no debt.

(35) Can a copy of that advice be provided.

(36) What revenue was raised by accommodation charges at the Maribyrnong detention centre in the 2000-01 financial year.

(37) Are there any circumstances in which the accommodation debt is not waived where a detainee is given a residential visa.