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Notice given 6 September 2002

621  Senator McLucas: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—With reference to the Sustainable Regions Program (SRP):

(1) (a) Who are the members of the committees for each of the eight sustainable regions; and (b) when were they appointed.

(2) What criteria were used to select the committee members.

(3) What selection process was undertaken in choosing these committee members.

(4) What skills, attributes and experience does each individual committee member bring to these positions.

(5) What rules apply to the operations of each committee, including: (a) how projects are identified; (b) how projects are chosen for funding; (c) how projects are announced; (d) how projects are monitored; (e) how projects are evaluated; (f) how the success of a project will be measured; (g) the protocols that apply to committee meetings; (h) how many members of each committee must be in attendance at meetings involving funding allocation decisions; and (i) the protocols in place for the replacement of committee members.

(6) For each of the eight regions, when will selection of projects for funding in the 2002-03 financial year be undertaken.

(7) When will projects for the 2002-03 financial year be announced.

(8) Can a copy of the standard contract for these projects be provided.

(9) What organisations are eligible to apply for SRP funding.