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Notice given 9 July 2002

416  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—With reference to the introduction of the Personnel Management Key Solution (PMKeyS) software package:

(1) Can a list of all contracts associated with the introduction of PMKeyS be provided, including for training and consultancies, indicating the organisation contracted, the goods or services provided under the contract, the total value of the contract and the start and end dates for the contract.

(2) At the recent estimates hearings of the Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Legislation Committee it was indicated that ‘direct’ costs for the project were likely to be $70 million: (a) what is covered by the term ‘direct’ costs; and (b) what other goods or services associated with the implementation of PMKeyS would not be covered by the term ‘direct’ costs.

(3) To date, what is the total amount spent, both on direct and indirect costs, on the introduction of PMKeyS.

(4) What is the latest estimate for the total cost, including direct and indirect costs, of introducing PMKeyS.

(5) (a) What problems were reported on the introduction of PMKeyS for civilian employees; and (b) how many faults were reported.