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Notice given 27 June 2002

408  Senator Crossin: To ask the Minister for Finance and Administration—

(1) What is the amount of revenue generated from the sale of Commonwealth heritage properties over the past 3 years.

(2) What is the Government’s current position with respect to the disposal of heritage property.

(3) Is it a fact that decisions about the disposal of heritage properties are made on an agency by agency basis; if so, how does the Government ensure that heritage values are not compromised under these arrangements.

(4) Does the Government have any plans to establish a whole of government policy which balances considerations of financial return to the Government with environmental or heritage values to the community.

(5) Does the department have any system for identifying heritage-listed properties when it is planning to dispose of property.

(6) Did the department notify the Australian Heritage Commission (AHC) in relation to the proposed sale of two properties listed on the Register of the National Estate at Myilly Point in Darwin; if so, on what date did this notification occur.

(7) Did the department seek advice about the proposed sale; if so, what advice was given.

(8) In the case of a tendering or expression of interest process, does the department involve the AHC in selecting the successful bid when disposing of a property listed on the Register of the National Estate; if not: (a) how does the department use the advice of the AHC in relation to disposal of these properties; and (b) is there any system for weighing heritage considerations against the financial gain to be made.

(9) Why is the disposal of the Myilly Point properties being done by an ‘expressions of interest’ process while the heritage-listed property in Hartley Street Alice Springs was granted in freehold title to the National Trust in 1998.

409  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister for Finance and Administration—

(1) What is the value of frequent flyer points owing for official travel, but lost as a result of the demise of Ansett, by: (a) members of parliament; (b) government employees; and (c) the Commonwealth judiciary.

(2) If no precise figures are available (for privacy or other reasons) in each case, what are the government estimates of the losses.