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Notice given 16 May 2002

317  Senator Ludwig: To ask the Minister for Revenue and Assistant Treasurer—(a) How much revenue has been foregone to the Commonwealth through the non-payment of excise duty on fuel for the vessel CSL Pacific ; and (b) what is the total amount foregone by all foreign vessels operating on single or continuing voyage permits in each year since 1996.

325  Senator Evans: To ask the Minister for Defence—With reference to Seasprite helicopters:

(1) Have any payments been made to Kaman in 2002; if so, can the Minister indicate: (a) the type of payment made; (b) the date; and (c) the value of the payment.

(2) In terms of the service contract: (a) what payments were made to Kaman; (b) on what date; and (c) what was the value of the payments.

(3) The Defence Annual Report 2001-02 notes that 805 Squadron has been ‘commissioned’: (a) when was this squadron commissioned; and (b) have any personnel been assigned to the squadron; if so, how many (or does it exist as a notional unit).

(4) Has a facility been established to house the squadron.

(5) To date, what has been the full cost of funding the squadron, that is, all personnel costs, administration costs, supplier costs, and facility costs.

(6) Is the principal role of this squadron to fly the Seasprite helicopters.

(7) When was the Chief Petty Officer assigned to the integrated service team for the Seasprite (as indicated in an answer to a question at Senate estimates hearings).