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Notice given 20 June 2002

389  Senator Carr: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs—

(1) Does the Government support the current initiatives to achieve a lasting peace in Sri Lanka.

(2) What concrete initiatives has the Government taken to support the peace process.

(3) Can the Minister provide advice on Sri Lankan or other international responses to its efforts in this regard.

(4) Is the Minster aware of any approaches for Australia to contribute to peacekeeping efforts in Sri Lanka in the event of such actions being considered as part of any peace settlement.

390  Senator Crossin: To ask the Minister for Family and Community Services—With reference to the rollout of further Centrelink Remote Service Centres:

(1) What criteria were used in determining that centres at Cape York, Laverton and Halls Creek would be the first centres established.

(2) (a) Have all remote Aboriginal communities been advised of the remote service centre funding; and (b) how and when were they notified.

(3) Have all remote Aboriginal communities been given an opportunity to formally bid for a service centre to be established in their community; if so, who is dealing with these bids and how.

(4) What criteria are being used to determine where the remaining nine remote service centres will be established.

391  Senator Crossin: To ask the Minister for Family and Community Services—With reference to Newstart Allowance and Youth Allowance recipients: For each of the different activity test breach reasons and administrative tests that can attract a breach, what was the number of breaches applied over the past 12 months in: (a) each of the Centrelink Customer Service Centres in the Northern Territory; (b) the Northern Territory as a whole; (c) each of the other states; and (d) Australia as a whole.