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Notice given 9 April 2002

Senator Brown: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 230-231)—With reference to the proposed Meander Dam in Tasmania:

(1) (a) How much federal funding has been provided, or is proposed, for the Meander Dam; (b) under which programs is it provided; (c) what is its purpose; and (d) what is the breakdown of how it will be spent or has been spent.

(2) (a) Who authorised the funding; (b) when; and (c) what information was provided to justify the expenditure.

(3) Is it true that on-farm dams are a cheaper option for irrigation than construction of the dam.

(4) (a) What analysis supports the economic viability of the dam; and (b) does it involve subsidies to the irrigators; if so, how much.

(5) Which federal ministers have visited the dam site and when.

230 Minister representing the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry