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Notice given 17 June 2002

377  Senator Ridgeway: To ask the Minister for the Arts and Sport—With reference to overseas documentary-makers working in Australia in co-productions with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC):

(1) What are the general terms of co-production agreements that the ABC enters into with overseas broadcasters such as the BBC, Channel 4 and WGBH Boston, which travel to Australia to film documentaries, in particular: (a) what provisions are built into these agreements to directly benefit the Australian film and documentary making industries, and Australians who work in these industries; (b) how are the export earnings from these co-productions shared between the parties; and (c) what are the licensing arrangements in terms of copyright ownership of the co-produced works.

(2) In terms of the requirement in the ABC’s Corporate Plan to broadcast the best of Australian and overseas programs on television, does this override the ABC’s ability to give preference to Australian-made productions ahead of overseas productions.

(3) What policies or programs does the ABC implement to directly support and foster the Australian documentary production industry and those who work in this field.

378  Senator Allison: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Industry, Tourism and Resources—

(1) Is Facility Licence No. FV0043 for the Maralinga Rehabilitation Program now with the department; if so, what is the status of this licence.

(2) Has the department provided the report required in accordance with the special conditions outlined in Schedule 4 of the Facility Licence; if so, can a copy of the report be provided.

(3) What surveys and assessments have been made of surface contamination following rehabilitation of the site and can copies be provided.

(4) What were the dosimetric factors used in this assessment.

(5) What assumptions were made to take account of factors such as the carry-over of soils and the shielding effect of that soil.

(6) Has the department prepared proposals for monitoring ground contamination, checking the water table for radioactive contamination and monitoring the state of the burial trenches; if so, can copies of these proposals be provided.

(7) What is the timeframe for the hand over of Maralinga to the traditional owners.

(8) Has the Maralinga Rehabilitation Technical Advisory Committee report on assessment of dose estimates been completed; if not, when it is expected to be completed; if so, can a copy be provided.