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Notice given 14 June 2002

376  Senator Ridgeway: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs—With reference to correspondence from the Minister received by Senator Ridgeway on 19 February 2002 regarding overseas film and documentary makers entering Australia for work purposes:

(1) (a) How many (i) 420 Entertainment Visas; and (ii) 423 Media and Film Staff Visas, have been issued by the department over the past 5 years; and (b) from which countries of origin are the recipients of the visas.

(2) How many of the applications for 420 Entertainment Visas over the past 5 years have been referred to the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance for their input.

(3) What are the criteria that applicants are required to meet in order to qualify for a 423 Media and Film Staff Visa, in particular, is it a condition of eligibility that the material filmed in Australia will not be screened in Australia.

(4) (a) What actions have Commonwealth staff employed in national parks in the Northern Territory been directed to undertake to enforce visa requirements in those areas; (b) what form have these directions taken; (c) how many breaches of visa requirements have Commonwealth staff in these national parks reported to the department over the past 5 years; and (d) of these, how many breaches are related to either 420 or 423 visas.