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Notice given 9 August 2000

Senator Faulkner: To ask the Ministers listed below (Question Nos 2649-2667)—

(1) Since 1 July 1999, has the department, or any agency in the portfolio, commissioned or participated in any way in public opinion research in non-metropolitan areas; if so, which agency or which functional area of the department.

(2) What was the purpose of this research and what were the objectives as set out for the research company or body when commissioned.

(3) Was any of this research designed to test the reaction of rural and regional constituents to Federal Government decisions, policies or potential policies, in any way similar to the research described in the Sunday Telegraph , 23 July 2000, page 81.

(4) (a) Which company or other body carried out the research; (b) what were the research methods to be used; and (c) what was the expected timetable for this research.

(5) Was any of the work sub-contracted to any other company or body; if so, why, and to which company or body.

(6) What were the results of this research.

(7) Who made the request that this research be undertaken, and who authorised the expenditure.

(8) What was the estimated cost of this research, and what was the total cost.

(9) How will the results of this research be used.

2650 Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services

2665 Minister representing the Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry