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Notice given 18 May 1999

985  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Health and Aged Care—With reference to the claims made by Senator Chapman during an adjournment debate on 22 April 1999 (Senate Hansard , 22 April 1999, pp. 3626-3627):

(1) (a) When did Senator Chapman inform the Government of his concerns; and (b) what was the nature of the information.

(2) What action has the Minister taken.

(3) Have the details in Senator Chapman’s claims been found to be true, and, in particular: (a) are all 400 plus members of the Vibrational Individuation Program owners of fax machines; if not, how many are; (b) how many children are malnourished and ill as a result of the program; (c) what number or percentage of members are pregnant; (d) what retribution do the members face if they do not take the group leaders’ advice, in particular, on matters of vaccination or diet; (e) what evidence has Senator Chapman supplied to the Government which substantiates his allegations or has led to charges being laid; and (f) has legal advice been sought by the Minister.