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Notice given 18 September 2001

3899  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—Further to Senator Brown’s question on notice no. 3861 (Senate Notice Paper , 30 August 2001, p.23):

(1) (a) When was the last engagement in which RAAF pilots were involved in low-level flying attacks; and (b) does the Minister anticipate that such flying will be used in future engagements with a sophisticated and well-equipped enemy; if so, can the Minister explain the advantages of this form of use of RAAF craft; if not, can the Minister explain why training in this form of aircraft use is still being undertaken at the Salt Ash air weapons range.

(2) Can the Minister explain why there have been no compensation packages or noise attenuation packages, or even a noise amelioration plan offered to communities which are adversely affected by the RAAF operations at the Salt Ash air weapons range.

(3) Can the Minister explain why the RAAF base at Williamtown has no dedicated Community Liaison Officer and why there are no lines of direct communication between the RAAF base and the general public.