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Notice given 28 November 2000

772  Senator Brown: To move—That the Senate—

(a) condemns the Minister for the Environment and Heritage (Senator Hill) for his negative performance during climate change negotiations at The Hague, including his:

(i) seeking to have nuclear power included as a clean development mechanism,

(ii) failing to oppose the American proposal to include forestry management, grazing and cropping as additional sinks,

(iii) opposing a mandatory compliance regime, and

(iv) failing to take a pro-active leadership role throughout the negotiations; and

(b) calls on the Howard Government to:

(i) acknowledge the need for significant emission reductions beyond the first commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol,

(ii) drop controversial positions that will not have a large impact on Australia’s circumstance, and

(iii) re-establish Australia’s role as a leader in international environmental negotiations.

Notice of motion altered on 28 November 2000 pursuant to standing order 77.

774  Senator Brown: To move—That the Senate—

(a) welcomes the World Heritage Committee to Australia for its meeting in Cairns in the week beginning 26 November 2000;

(b) congratulates the committee on its decision to reject the Australian Government’s proposal to weaken the World Heritage Convention by:

(i) preventing ‘in danger’ listings when the host country opposes such a listing, and

(ii) down-grading the role of the committee’s advisory bodies; and

(c) calls on the committee to place Kakadu on the ‘in danger’ list because of the threats posed to it from the Jabiluka uranium mine.