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Notice given 7 March 2001

847  Senator Tierney: To move—That the Senate—

(a) notes:

(i) an advertisement published in the Port Stephens Examiner of 28 February 1996, in which the Member for Paterson (Mr Horne) claims that he fought hard to get a Medicare office opened in Nelson Bay and that the office was in fact open, and

(ii) that there was no Medicare office in Nelson Bay when this advertisement was published and that this advertisement was published just days before the 1996 federal election;

(b) criticises Mr Horne for telling residents of Nelson Bay, when he was advised in May 1995 by the then Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for Health, that there would not be a Medicare office at Nelson Bay; and

(c) calls on Mr Horne to explain why he told people via his advertisement that a Nelson Bay Medicare office was opened, when there was clearly no office in existence.