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Notice given 14 September 2000

2933  Senator Mackay: To ask the Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government—With reference to the fire that destroyed a backpacker’s hostel in the Queensland town of Childers on 23 June 2000:

(1) Has any Commonwealth assistance been provided to the town of Childers in relation to the hostel fire; if so: (a) what is the size of any assistance; (b) what has the assistance been provided for; (c) which departments has this assistance been sourced from and what is the size of that assistance; and (d) on what date or dates was this assistance given.

(2) (a) Has the Commonwealth made any undertakings to provide further assistance to the town of Childers; (b) what is the nature of that assistance; and (c) how is it proposed to use that assistance.

(3) If the assistance is financial support, what will the terms and conditions of the financial support be.

(4) Has the Isis Shire Council or other representatives of the Childers community approached the Minister for Transport and Regional Services and/or the Minister for Regional Services, Territories and Local Government and/or the Parliamentary Secretary and/or the Department of Transport or Regional Services for support in dealing with the consequences of the fire; (b) what sort of support was sought; and (c) what was the Commonwealth’s response.