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Notice given 30 November 1998

46  Senator Chapman: To move—That the Senate—

(a) strongly condemns the recent grave attacks on the Iranian Baha’i community, including the brutal execution of Mr Ruhallah Rawhani in July 1998 in the absence of due legal process, raids on 500 Baha’i homes in an orchestrated nation-wide attempt to prevent Baha’i youth from receiving an education, confirmation of death sentences against two Baha’i men and the imprisonment of 16 other Baha’is for practising their faith;

(b) calls on the Government of Iran to end its oppression of the Baha’i community, ensure the safety and early release of all those Baha’is imprisoned in Iran, immediately take steps to implement United Nations resolutions defining steps required of the Iranian Government and calling for the emancipation of the Baha’is, and respect the principles of the International Covenants on Human Rights to which Iran is a party; and

(c) expresses its deep disappointment that, despite the consideration of this matter by both Houses of the Australian Parliament in 1997, the Iranian Government, far from taking action to remedy the situation, has intensified its persecution of Baha’is.