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Notice given 22 June 2001

3642  Senator Brown: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Defence—

(1) What is the current nature of Australia’s military relationship with Indonesia.

(2) (a) In the past few financial years, has Australia trained the Indonesian military (in country training and overseas training) or does it intend to train the TNI in the foreseeable future; and (b) if the TNI have been trained: (i) where, (ii) how many were trained at each military installation, and (iii) what is the nature of the training or exchange.

(3) Are there any educational exchanges or other programs between the Australian and Indonesian military; if so: (a) where are they held; (b) how many Australian and Indonesian military personnel are participating; and (c) what is the nature of the exchanges.

(4) (a) Since 1998, have any joint military exercises been conducted between Indonesia and Australia; (b) are any planned in the foreseeable future; (c) does the Australian Government or any government contractor (such as ADI Limited) sell or supply any equipment to the Indonesian military; if so: (i) which companies, (ii) what exactly is or was supplied, (iii) how much is supplied, (iv) what is it used for, and (v) how much are these contracts worth.

(5) (a) How much money is being spent on Australia’s military relationship with Indonesia; (b) given the TNI’s deplorable past, and current, human rights record, what policies does the Australian Government have regarding training military personnel from countries with poor human rights records; and (c) what policies are in place for monitoring and holding accountable foreign military personnel trained in Australia once they return home.

3644  Senator O’Brien: To ask the Minister representing the Minister for Transport and Regional Services—

(1) Since January 1999, on how many occasions has Flight West Airlines been subjected to scheduled or unscheduled audits.

(2) Since January 1999, on how many occasions has the Civil Aviation Safety Authority issued a non-compliance notice (NCN) or a request for corrective action (RCA) to Flight West Airlines.

(3) In each case: (a) when was the NCN or RCA issued; (b) what action was taken by the airline in response; and (c) when was that action taken.

(4) Since 1999, has there been any inquiry or review into the ability of the airline’s management to properly comply with the terms of its Air Operating Certificate; if so: (a) what was the nature of the inquiry or review; (b) when did each inquiry or review take place; (c) what was the outcome of each inquiry or review; and (d) on each occasion, what was the response from the airline.