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Notices of Motion were given, as follows- The Chairman of the Standing Committee on Regulations and Ordinances (Senator Coates): To move 12 sitting days after today-That the National Crime Authority Regulations (Amendment), as contained in Statutory Rules 1985 No. 3 and made under the National Crime Authority Act 1984, be disallowed.

Senator Coates, by leave, made a statement relating thereto.

Senator Messner: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate, noting that- (a) 600 farmers attended a meeting in Penola, South Australia on Monday, 15 April 1985, to plan a rally to protest against the disastrous impact that Labor's assets test is having on farmers and their families;

(b) the meeting passed a motion calling upon the Federal Government to reinstate all pensions until either it makes the assets test more equitable or abolishes it altogether;

(c) both the Minister for Social Security and the Minister for Veterans' Affairs refused to attend the meeting;

(d) concerns expressed at the Penola meeting are typical of the difficulties and hardships being experienced right across rural Australia as a result of the introduction of Labor's anomalous assets test; and

(e) despite claims by Ministers of the Hawke Government that the hardship provisions would resolve the difficulties which farmers may experience, very few applications have been successful under those provisions, condemns the Hawke Labor Government for its apathy in failing to either acknowledge or rectify the anomalies contained in the assets test which are having such a devastating impact upon Australia's farming community.

Senator Mason: To move on the next day of sitting-That leave be given to introduce a Bill for an Act to amend the Defence Act 1903 to provide for Parliamentary approval of overseas service by members of the Defence Force.

Senator Harradine: To move 4 sitting days after today-That leave be given to introduce a Bill for an Act to prohibit experiments involving the use of human embryos created in vitro.

Senator Reid: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate views with concern- (a) the Government's inability to provide adequate nursing home accommodation for the aged of Canberra; and

(b) the plight of 140 aged persons who have been assessed as requiring nursing home care, but for whom no accommodation is available.

The Leader of the Australian Democrats (Senator Chipp): To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate- (a) calls upon the Government to remove all foreign bases and installations from Australian soil unless it can be positively shown that: (i) the bases and installations do not form any part of the nuclear strategy of the United States,

(ii) the management of the bases is genuinely under the joint and equal control of the Australian and U.S. Governments, and

(iii) all information handled by the bases and installations is shared with the Australian Government;

(b) calls upon the Government: (i) at least 6 months prior to the expiration of any lease, and in sufficient time to give notice of termination or variation, to establish a Joint Parliamentary Committee to investigate whether the conditions for the continuation of the bases have been met, and

(ii) in any case to complete inquiries into all bases and installations before December 1986; and

(c) calls upon the Government: (i) to establish whether any Australian defence installations provide information or research for any nuclear weapons or strategies, and

(ii) where it is established that this is the case, to cease such operations forthwith.

Senator Vigor: To move 12 sitting days after today-That the Trading Hours (Amendment) Ordinance 1984, as contained in Australian Capital Territory Ordinance No. 66 of 1984 and made under the Seat of Government (Administration) Act 1910, be disallowed.

Senator Jones: To move on the next day of sitting-That the Senate notes with alarm the industrial relations situation in Queensland, and condemns the Government of that State for- (a) refusing a reasoned request from the Prime Minister for meaningful talks in a sincere bid to resolve the long-running Queensland power dispute;

(b) deliberately attacking the fabric of the trade union movement, and the State Industrial Commission, with a series of hastily-debated legislative moves;

(c) prolonging the hardship of the families of more than 800 sacked former employees of the South East Queensland Electricity Board who have now been out of work for 2 months; and

(d) deliberately prolonging industrial disputation to draw attention away from Queensland's flagging economy and soaring unemployment rate.