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The President informed the Senate that Senator Hill had proposed that a matter of public importance be submitted to the Senate for discussion, viz: ''The Government's failure to recognise the importance of small business to the Australian economy and to implement policies that will encourage growth and employment opportunities within the sector''.

And at least 4 Senators having risen in support of the proposed discussion- The President called upon Senator Hill to speak.

Discussion ensued.

Documents tabled: Senator Robert Ray, pursuant to Standing Order 364, moved-That the documents quoted from by Senator Crichton-Browne be laid upon the Table.

Question-put and passed.

Senator Crichton-Browne thereupon laid upon the Table the following Papers: Wages Policies- ''The Prices and Incomes Accord-Will it Last?''-Address by the Hon. I. Macphee, M.P., to the Australian Trade Union Program at Harvard Foundation, dated 16 April 1984.

''Industrial Relations and Wage Fixing Directions''-Address by the Hon. I. Macphee, M.P., to the Industrial Relations Society of New South Wales (25th Annual Convention), dated 5 May 1984.

Discussion continued.

And the discussion having reached the limit of 2 hours allowed by Standing Order 64, the business of the day was called on.