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Senator Mason, pursuant to notice, moved-That the Senate is of the opinion that a Committee of Inquiry should be appointed to consider and report upon the possible planning, including terms of reference, for a national convention, to be held within two years, for a ten year indicative plan for the Australian economy, such convention to include representatives of all political parties, employers' groups, unions and government, to attempt to establish basic guidelines on which all could agree and which would remain constant regardless of changes of government, with particular reference to-

(a) the massive unemployment problem likely as a result of the growing use of computers and automation in Australia;

(b) the flow-on of money to the community at large as a result of such automation, and other structural changes desirable in the society; and

(c) possible new initiatives in Australian primary and secondary industry, with special regard to the export industry.

On the motion of the Minister for Veterans' Affairs (Senator Messner) the debate was adjourned.

Ordered-That the resumption of the debate be an Order of the Day for the next day of sitting.