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The following Papers were presented, by Command of His Excellency the Governor-General:

Australian Biological Resources Study Advisory Committee--

Report, for the period 6 March 1979 to 30 June 1980.

Statement by the Minister for Home Affairs and Environment, the Hon, Ian Wilson.

Department of the Capital Territory--Annual Report, for year 1980-81.

Department of Trade and Resources--Annual Report, for year 1980-81.

National Travel Survey 1977-78: General Overview and Assessment--Report by the Bureau of Transport Economics, dated January 1981 (Report 48).

The following Papers were presented, pursuant to Statute:

Chicken Meat Research Act--Australian Chicken Meat Research Committee--

Annual Report (12th), for year 1980-81.

Insurance Act--Insurance Commissioner--Annual Report (7th), for year 1980-81.

Petroleum Products Pricing Act--Petroleum Products Pricing Authority--Annual Report (1st), for the period 26 June 1981 to 30 June 1981.

Pig Industry Research Act--Australian Pig Industry Research Committee--

Annual Report (10th), for year 1980-81.

Pig Meat Promotion Act--Pig Meat Promotion Advisory Committee--Annual Report (6th), for year 1980-81.

War Graves Act--Office of Australian War Graves--Annual Report (1st) by the Secretary, Department of Veterans' Affairs, for the period 4 July 1980 to 30 June 1981.