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Wednesday, 29 November 2017
Page: 9190

Senator REYNOLDS (Western Australia) (13:14): I too will be very brief, but it would be remiss of me not to say two things. One is that this is absolutely the proudest day I have had in this chamber since I have been in this place. It not only reaffirms my faith in democracy and in the ability of the Australian people to have their say and conduct robust but respectful debates but also demonstrates that we can do it in this chamber as well. I'm so glad that the rest of the country today will see that we can come together.

Secondly, somebody who has not yet been acknowledged is my good friend Senator Dean Smith. I've never been prouder to stand up in this place than I have been to stand with you, Dean. It has not been easy on you, but you are a great Christian and you are a great Liberal. You have stood up for everything that you believe in. I could not have been prouder to stand up for something that we both believe in as Liberals together. Together, as coalition MPs, we have dealt with this issue with good grace and, I think, with great honour, as with all in this chamber. Dean, certainly on my behalf, and I know on the behalf of many others, thank you for your courage and your perseverance in getting us to this vote.

Honourable senators: Hear, hear!