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Monday, 18 June 2012
Page: 3367

Senator JOYCE (QueenslandLeader of The Nationals in the Senate) (13:12): Once more that is waffle, not an answer. How is it that, in your own words, someone will determine for the next 12-month period what their expected loading dates will be, what their loading and discharge port will be and what their cargo type will be? Where will this information come from for the next 12 months? Is it through divine inspiration in the quieter moments of the darkest night that this information will come to them? Since we have such perfect knowledge of the next 12 months, do we also have perfect knowledge of the next 12 years? Can we plan that far out knowing the uncertainties, given the fact that in the current economic climate it is a surprise from week to week where we are? Can you explain to me how people are going to go about assessing their expected loading dates, loading and discharge ports, cargo type and volumes?