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Thursday, 22 March 2012
Page: 2586

The Senate divided. [13:08]

(The President—Senator Hogg)

DIVISION:AYES 49 (40 majority) NOES 9 PAIRS 0
Abetz, EBack, CJ
Bernardi, CBilyk, CL
Birmingham, SJBrown, CL
Bushby, DCCameron, DN
Carr, KJCash, MC
Colbeck, RCollins, JMA
Crossin, PEdwards, S
Eggleston, AEvans, C
Farrell, DFawcett, DJ
Feeney, DFierravanti-Wells, C
Fifield, MPFurner, ML
Gallacher, AMHeffernan, W
Hogg, JJKroger, H
Lundy, KAMacdonald, ID
Madigan, JJMarshall, GM
McEwen, A (teller)McKenzie, B
Moore, CMNash, F
Parry, SPayne, MA
Polley, HPratt, LC
Ronaldson, MRyan, SM
Sherry, NJSingh, LM
Sinodinos, AStephens, U
Sterle, GThistlethwaite, M
Urquhart, AEWilliams, JR
Xenophon, N
Brown, RJDi Natale, R
Hanson-Young, SCLudlam, S
Milne, CRhiannon, L
Siewert, R (teller)Waters, LJ
Wright, PL

Question agreed to.