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Wednesday, 3 September 2014
Page: 6380

Senator DAY (South Australia) (16:12): This is not my first speech. As a senator for South Australia, I feel I must speak briefly on this motion.

Senator Edwards: I thought you were an enemy of the state!

Senator DAY: When I started to read it, I got to the first part, 'to design and build Australia's future submarine fleet in Adelaide', and thought it was like seeing a footballer who has been infringed and awarded a free kick. I said, 'Yes, I will pay that.' But then I got to the second part about destroying the shipbuilding industry, which states: 'why the government is planning to destroy Australia's strategically vital shipbuilding capability'. It is like the player who won the free kick but then pushed the infringing player and had the decision reversed. I have not been here long, and I would very much like to support as many senators' motions on important matters as I can. However, I see perfectly good motions—which I would love to support—that are spoilt by a lack of discipline in other parts of the motion, and I cannot support them.

I know from my discussions with the defence minister this week that the government is not trying to destroy Australia's shipbuilding capability. As a senator for South Australia in support of my state and its industries, shipbuilding in particular, I know there are opportunities to maintain and grow that capability if the elected leaders of my home state get their act together. I oppose the motion.