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Thursday, 9 February 2017
Page: 417

Senator ROBERTS (Queensland) (10:29): As a servant to the people of Queensland and Australia, I have to express that I am staggered yet not surprised by the Greens' motion. We oppose this window-dressing that is merely the ghost of Senator Milne. We have all we need to do our jobs in this parliament. Yet clearly, in listening to the people of Queensland, people think parliament is not doing its job. We know that. This is now an admission by the Greens that they are not doing their job. Instead of speaking to sell, why don't the Green start to listen to learn?

Accountability in this parliament, as I have said very often, is almost nonexistent in some areas. So let's consider a key area of concern to the Greens—climate. On that area they contradict empirical scientific evidence and fabricate claims. On their claims, this parliament has been railroaded into wasting tens of billions of dollars of taxpayer money. That is not accountability. It is all based on a lie. The renewable policy right now is killing South Australian manufacturing. It is a deindustrialisation policy that the Greens are submitting this country too. It is a deindustrialisation policy that is being ignored by the government of South Australia and by the Xenophon Team and others in this parliament. Now we have the Western Australian Liberals wanting to take up a 50 per cent renewable energy target. Yet there is no evidence anywhere for this—none at all. The only evidence we have is that it is doing enormous damage. The accountability is low, and the Greens are leading this destruction and industrialisation of our country.

We need, and we have been talking about requesting, an inquiry into climate science and fraud, but the Greens run whenever we mention that. The Greens, yet again, want to spend more money, raise more money and raise more taxes to spend on yet another body that is superfluous. That is so typical of the Greens: red tape, green tape and blue tape from the UN. The Greens are tying up this country, deindustrialising this country, when what we need is to reindustrialise and get on the reindustrialisation highway.

To do that, what we are proposing is a transparency portal. This will solve the issue of low accountability. It can all work within the parliament and the government. I made an announcement to this effect in Bundaberg in December. It was very well received. What it means is that in real time expenses are put up for public access on a website of the federal government and each of the state governments, and that reveals everyone's spending, including the Greens' travel. That has led to immediate savings of millions of dollars in the states of the United States that have adopted that. If you do not want to call it a transparency portal, make it the integrity portal.

The last point I wish to make in opposing this bill from Senator Ludlam is that this is yet another example of control versus freedom. In a free environment in this parliament and in the public domain the Greens use lies, smears and labels to suppress debate. In a free environment they go straight to control. What do they want to do? They want to bring in a body that can be corrupted, as it has become in New South Wales, and they want to use that as a masquerade, supposedly to increase accountability. This is just more window-dressing. The Greens are very good at window-dressing. Instead of this excursion, this detour, we need to get back to fundamental accountability and run this parliament in a way that is in accordance with our constitution to restore accountability. I oppose this Greens bill.