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Thursday, 24 June 2010
Page: 4242

Senator RONALDSON (10:02 AM) —To save some time, I would like to comment on all the Greens amendments, and they can be taken as read as they are moved. The coalition identified the opportunity to better align the data collection and reporting systems with broader energy efficiency and emission abatement initiatives. The Green amendments pursue a similar goal, minus the consultative engagement of the coalition’s advocacy. The display requirement would trigger new obligations beyond the point of sale and point of lease requirements, and no opportunity has been provided to evaluate the costs and benefits of this new burden.

Given the lateness of the hour when the Greens have raised these amendments, it is difficult to judge how effectively they may contribute to the shared policy objective of this bill—and at what cost, impact and regulatory burden. There has been no opportunity for considered consultation with stakeholders. While not discounting the general ideas behind the amendments, it is not possible for the coalition to support the Greens proposed amendments at this time.

In closing, I will add further to the parliamentary secretary’s comments. This is meant to be non-controversial. We are all trying to facilitate the rapid passage of a large amount of legislation. The Greens’ behaviour in relation to this has certainly undermined the goodwill that should be behind these matters.