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Wednesday, 16 June 2010
Page: 3447

Senator JOYCE (Leader of the Nationals in the Senate) (11:49 AM) —I tell you what I know is clear: that the views that are held on this issue are absolutely primary in the motivations of many people in this chamber. I tell you what I know is clear: that Senator Fielding never came to see me about this issue if he holds it so dearly. I do not think he ever saw Senator Boswell. I do not think he went to see anybody in the Liberal Party about this issue, I do not think he went to see anybody in the Labor Party on this issue and I am pretty certain he did not go to see anybody in the Greens about this issue. He did not go to see Senator Xenophon, because I asked.

So what I question is the motivation of Senator Fielding on this issue. Yes, you are stating the obvious that it is a primary aspect, and that is why it is contemptuous to believe that you are working what I would suggest is a wedge, what I would suggest is a political chess manoeuvre by the most minor pawn in the most base way to deliver an outcome that, to be honest, I do not believe the many people in this place who genuinely hold a pro-life view would want. It is more for the base political gain in a very minor period of time and no real acumen, consideration or hard work has gone into it. Therefore it remains contemptuous. The statement is that, if an action happens that is illegal, it is illegal and it makes you a criminal. We spend a lot of time in this chamber making laws that make you a criminal. If you are a criminal then I do not know what legislation we can pass that is going to somehow stop criminality. So what is your motivation, Senator Fielding? Can you please table for this chamber the footwork you did prior to moving these amendments.