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Thursday, 4 February 2010
Page: 436

Senator PARRY (Manager of Opposition Business in the Senate) (10:33 AM) —by leave—My understanding is that the bills will be taken together. The Greens do not want this and I understood that Senator Siewert just called for a division on that particular motion but is now seeking to make a statement before the calling of that division.

The PRESIDENT —That is what I could not hear and I am now trying to work out precisely what is happening.

Senator PARRY —We will grant leave for Senator Siewert to make a two-minute statement.

The PRESIDENT —Senator Siewert, in lieu of calling a division you are seeking to make a statement; is that correct?

Senator Siewert —Yes, and then I would like you to put the question.

The PRESIDENT —All right, I will then put the question again. That will clear things up.