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Monday, 1 December 2008
Page: 7772

Senator MILNE (10:00 PM) —In relation to the guidelines, where on the form that Senator Conroy just referred to do you have to say what you have done in terms of assessing the groundwater or the surface water interception? Is there a specific section on the form? Is there a specific requirement on that form that you have to say that? Is there a specific section on water and what are you required to swear to in your self-assessment as to water? Can you confirm for me that this legislation enables you to plant monocultures and does not require biodiverse plantings? Secondly, can you confirm that there is no length of time in which these trees have to be in the ground? All you have to do to get the tax deduction is say that your intention is that the trees be in the ground, but your intention can change over time.