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Monday, 13 October 2008
Page: 5822

Senator LUDWIG (Minister for Human Services) (7:40 PM) —I think I have answered the question. You have now changed to a different language by using ‘vetted’. The CEO’s job is to assist Safe Work Australia. They would go through the usual process that the Financial Management and Accountability Act requires in terms of financials. They would have a similar role in the way an annual report would be produced. If some unforeseen circumstance were to arise, the CEO would have an obligation to raise it. They would raise it through the annual report, if it could wait. But if it were an urgent and unforeseen matter, I have no doubt that they would raise it through Safe Work Australia. The reporting arrangements are there. Hypothetically, if there were unforeseen circumstances those matters would come forward to be dealt with. We do not envisage any unforeseen circumstances. We expect Safe Work Australia to get on with the job of harmonising OH&S legislation.