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Wednesday, 24 September 2008
Page: 5518
[3:56 PM]

The Senate divided.    

(The Deputy President—Senator the Hon. AB Ferguson)

DIVISION:NOES 44 (37 majority) AYES 7 PAIRS 0
Brown, B.J.Fielding, S.
Hanson-Young, S.C.Ludlam, S.
Milne, C.Siewert, R. *
Xenophon, N.
Arbib, M.V.Barnett, G.
Bernardi, C.Bilyk, C.L.
Birmingham, S.Bishop, T.M.
Boyce, S.Brown, C.L.
Bushby, D.C.Cameron, D.N.
Cash, M.C.Colbeck, R.
Collins, J.Coonan, H.L.
Cormann, M.H.P.Crossin, P.M.
Eggleston, A.Farrell, D.E.
Feeney, D.Ferguson, A.B.
Fierravanti-Wells, C.Fifield, M.P.
Fisher, M.J.Forshaw, M.G.
Furner, M.L.Hutchins, S.P.
Kroger, H.Ludwig, J.W.
Lundy, K.A.Marshall, G.
McEwen, A.McGauran, J.J.J.
McLucas, J.E.Moore, C.
Nash, F.Parry, S. *
Polley, H.Pratt, L.C.
Ryan, S.M.Sherry, N.J.
Stephens, U.Sterle, G.
Williams, J.R.Wortley, D.

* denotes teller

Question negatived.