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Wednesday, 8 December 2004
Page: 9

Senator LUDWIG (9:55 AM) —As I understand it, an amendment has been circulated in my name. If that is not the case, we can circulate it in due course. The amendment goes to the commitment to ensure that the provision has a sunset of 12 months. As Senator Ellison mentioned in his summing up speech, this would allow the bill to sunset in 12 months. In the interim, a new bill would be introduced by the government which would be referred to the Legal and Constitutional Committee for proper scrutiny. That is a sensible approach to take. The 12 months would allow this bill to operate unimpeded and within that 12-month period the important work of the committee would proceed in relation to the new bill. In that time, all those matters we referred to earlier could be examined. I might seek to circulate an amendment putting a 12-month—

The CHAIRMAN —Senator Ludwig, it seems as if the government have sighted a copy of the amendment because they were able to provide it to me.

Senator LUDWIG —Maybe the minister has a copy. If the minister likes, I can easily sign the document and circulate it. It is not unusual in the chamber during a committee debate for us to take the opportunity to circulate an amendment. Its effect is clear. It will operate to ensure that there is a sunset provision of 12 months within the bill. So if there is a copy of that amendment available, I can sign that and circulate it under my name now.