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Wednesday, 11 August 2004
Page: 26228

Senator HARRIS (9:12 PM) —I thank Senator Hill for that detailed answer. I wish to encapsulate for clarification, and I ask for a brief response from Senator Hill. My understanding of his answer is that, under 214BAE, line 28, the occupier's consent is required and there is no way that that can be circumvented. There is only one other area that I would like clarified. I want to place very clearly on the record that I am not looking in any way for mischief, and I am not inferring that there is any mischief. One of the things I believe does assist a piece of legislation is clarification in this chamber by the relevant minister bringing it through. So what we are doing is assisting the people who will work under this legislation, and in this case Senator Hill's answers have clarified a lot of those issues.

The final question on this comes back to one of Senator Hill's comments in relation to a person applying for a tariff. The clarity I am looking for is that any of these verification powers under this section of the legislation only relate to a person having applied for a tariff reduction. If there is no application for a tariff reduction, then none of the powers that are expressed in this section can be used in the Customs Act 1901 for any other purpose because we would be altering the act.