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Monday, 11 August 2003
Page: 13065

Senator JACINTA COLLINS (8:57 PM) —I understand that point but I think you will also understand that this is perhaps not the only vehicle available to us to bring about a more appropriate period in relation to casuals. Given the overall package and the broader comments I have made about your amendments and this bill, I am sure you will probably understand that, whilst there is some attraction to bringing about a more appropriate period for casual employees, as it stands in this package—and by that I mean both the bill and your attempt to ameliorate some of its excesses—and at this point in time, we are looking at a situation where, at least in Western Australia and Tasmania, there would be in a sense a negative change to their circumstances and no opportunity to address this issue in the federal jurisdiction. Quite aside from the context of the other agenda that the government has for this bill, as with your other amendments, Labor will not be able to support this one.

Question negatived.