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Thursday, 6 March 2003
Page: 9370

Senator BROWN (11:10 AM) —by leave—I wish to speak about the seeking of leave to move a motion for the exemption of these bills from the provisions of standing order 111. I will be granting leave because it is not my intention to go through the long tortuous process that the government would need to go through if I block leave at this stage. But I do so with a very heavy heart. I totally object to what is happening here. The government wants to seek leave now to suspend standing orders— having not been able to do so over a debate on the war in Iraq which the Prime Minister tells us will be happening in about a week's time—because (a) the government did not get its act in order to have this legislation brought before the parliament long ago and (b) it now wants to railroad through a piece of legislation which is totally inimical to justice, fair play, decency—to a proper regard by our nation for our newest and poorest neighbour, East Timor. I am going to allow leave, and the processes after that we will deal with as they come. But I state my objection now and will continue to do so as this process moves forward.

Leave granted.