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Thursday, 5 December 2002
Page: 7243

Senator HARRADINE (10:32 AM) —I raise the fundamental point that the horse has by then bolted. If you are allowing this situation to exist and if you are allowing confidential commercial information to be withheld at the request of the applicant, then that sets a pattern. At the end of that three years, that pattern has been set and there is no way in the world that the review could reverse that pattern, because of the commercial interests involved. Once you get commercial interests substantially involved as the primary purpose of the application— and let us face it, this is the motivator of not all but a number of those persons who seek to do such experiments—then that is of concern. I myself do not wish the decision relating to the use of human embryos, to their destruction, to be subject to commercialism; but that is what it is.

Question negatived.

The TEMPORARY CHAIRMAN (Senator Sandy Macdonald)—Senator Barnett, do you wish to return to your clause 11 amendment?