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Tuesday, 3 December 2002
Page: 7037

Senator PATTERSON (Minister for Health and Ageing) (6:07 PM) — There are a large number of amendments and senators are proposing new amendments. To do that, I think we should follow the procedure; senators cannot just wander in here hoping that we can deal with a new amendment. I told Senator Boswell that if he had an amendment he should take it to the Deputy Clerk and have it put on the running sheet. If it comes up now, that is fine. But I do not think there should be any special reason why a new amendment should come in in any other way than in the natural order of what is occuring in the chamber. I think that it would be unfair if that were to occur. If other people came to me, I would say to them, `No, I think we should just deal with it in the normal order in which additional amendments are dealt with.' If that comes up now, that is fine. If it were on the running sheet to come up now, then leave would not be required. But we do require leave for it to come up now because it is not on the running sheet. The discussion I had with Senator Boswell was that it was not a recommittal; the last discussion I had was that it was a new amendment. If it is a recommittal of the same amendment, then it has to be done by leave. But I was advised that it was a new amendment.