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Monday, 2 December 2002
Page: 6871

Senator HARRADINE (5:28 PM) —Precisely, but RTAC is a subcommittee of the Fertility Society of Australia. That is the industry body. You will have no ethics control whatsoever of that organisation apart from the oversight of ART clinical practice in Australia, noting that compliance with the NHMRC ethical guidelines is a key requirement for RTAC accreditation. But what about sex selection? Sydney IVF are doing sex selection. They are a member of the Fertility Society of Australia. Obviously, the ethical guidelines, as they are called, are inadequate to the situation. I am raising this situation because it is mentioned in the bill. Somewhere we should have some sort of control of these industry bodies. The consumer representative body is 70 per cent funded by the industry. I see there is no point in pursuing that here, but I suggest that along the track we will regret what we have done with respect to this.

I support the amendment moved by Senator Hogg to strengthen the regime as per COAG. Under clause 10(2)(d) it says:

... the use is carried out by an accredited ART centre, and ...

Then it goes on to (i) and (ii) and then (f) says:

... the use is of a kind prescribed by the regulations for the purposes of this paragraph.

That is asking us to buy a pig in a poke. Minister, will this regulation be a disallowable instrument?