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Wednesday, 16 October 2002
Page: 5334

Senator NETTLE (6:30 PM) —I wanted to use the opportunity in the committee stage to ask the minister some questions particularly with regard to Suncorp Metway. In a range of second reading speeches we heard about their actions, which are clearly an abuse of the provisions of registering enterprise associations. When the commission rejected the application for registration of the enterprise staff association in 1999 it did so on the grounds that members, including the management committee, held shares in the enterprise. The commission rejected the argument put by the Finance Sector Union that the enterprise association was not free of control or improper influence of the enterprise on the grounds that the company was funding the operation of the enterprise and providing substantial material assistance. Now that the government intends to remove the shareholding provision as a ground for rejecting an application for registration, can the minister say how the amending bill would capture a case such as that of Suncorp Metway where a company is attempting to establish a bogus union to which it is giving substantial financial and material support?