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Thursday, 29 March 2001
Page: 23376

Senator TIERNEY (4:10 PM) —Thank you, Mr Acting Deputy President.

Senator Conroy —You are still here!

Senator TIERNEY —I am really glad that you have raised the point, Senator Conroy. The Labor Party is so interested in this debate that people have not even turned up. Where is the second Labor speaker? Where is the Democrats speaker? The next speakers on the list, Senator Woodley and Senator Mackay, are not here. No-one sought the call.

Senator Conroy —There is no such thing as two Liberals in a row.

Senator TIERNEY —No-one sought the call.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESI-DENT —You did not seek the call, Senator George Campbell.

Senator George Campbell —I was about to get on my feet when you called Senator Tierney.

Senator TIERNEY —I was on my feet and you were not. You should not have been asleep, Senator.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESI-DENT —The speaking list that I have indicates that the next speaker was Senator Woodley, and then Senator Mackay before you, Senator Campbell. Neither of them are here, so it then goes to Senator Tierney.

Senator Conroy —Mr Acting Deputy President, on a point of order: you allowed a substitution between two Liberal senators earlier when Senator Tierney, as you can clearly see, was meant to be the first Liberal speaker.

Senator TIERNEY —And I am still on the list, ahead of Senator Campbell.

Senator Conroy —We did not object—and we are not trying to take you off the list. We are looking forward to his contribution.

Senator TIERNEY —Your person was not here.

Senator Conroy —You allowed them to swap—

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESI-DENT —Resume your seat, Senator Conroy. At that time, Senator Eggleston sought the call. Senator Campbell did not seek the call.

Senator TIERNEY —He was fast asleep.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESI-DENT —Senator Tierney now has the call, unless he cares to yield to Senator Campbell.

Senator George Campbell —Mr Acting Deputy President, on the point of order: the speakers list that I have sitting in front of me has me down to follow Senator Eggleston. I was not aware that there had been a switch earlier in the program. The normal procedures that operate in this place is that a speakers list is drawn up, and we can expect to get the call when we are placed on the speakers list following the conclusion of the speech of the speaker before us. Senator Eggleston did not even take up his 20 minutes.

The ACTING DEPUTY PRESI-DENT —If Senator Tierney cares to yield, then I will call Senator Campbell.

Senator TIERNEY —I will yield to Senator Campbell, Mr Acting Deputy President, but I make the point that he really should be awake and on his feet at the right time.