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Friday, 10 November 2000
Page: 19694

Senator CARR (11:48 AM) —Minister, as you would obviously be aware, the Labor government has been in office only one year in Victoria.

Senator Ellison —It shows how bipartisan we are.

Senator CARR —So this is a bipartisan assault? That is what I like to hear. I never heard anything about this when Jeff Kennett was in office. I am interested that there were 400 projects during the Kennett period which did not acknowledge Commonwealth contributions. You would have thought, if this issue loomed as large in the government's mind, that it would have been made a more public question in that period.

Senator Ellison —But you guys made it public.

Senator CARR —Minister, I happen to agree. I will make it very clear. I have long said on the record on this issue that there has to be appropriate acknowledgment of the Commonwealth's contribution towards schools.

Senator Ellison —You agree with that, do you?

Senator CARR —I do agree with that, and I have always maintained that position. What concerns me is the way in which the government now seeks to implement that matter. I understand you asked for approval to participate in 26 opening ceremonies. Can we get a list of those 26, Minister?

Senator Ellison —I will take it on notice.

Senator CARR —Minister, how long do you think it will take to get a response to us on that matter?