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Wednesday, 8 November 2000
Page: 19438

Senator HILL (Minister for the Environment and Heritage) (4:38 PM) —Obviously, to the extent that this has been taken from the EPBC Act, it is difficult for me to quarrel with it. But I do think particularly that amendment No. 14 is necessary. This is the advice that has come from our legal advisers during the last few minutes. It is still not reduced to writing, but I am told that it will probably be in the office by the time I get back there. To them, it is a superfluous provision because it is already covered by the new Administrative Review Tribunal Act. In other words, that new act has extended the same standing and, therefore, it is now unnecessary to move it in this form in this particular legislation. I think the same argument applies to amendment No. 12 but not with quite the same standing.