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Thursday, 31 August 2000
Page: 17045

Senator BROWN (10:11 AM) —I would like to assist the chamber here by saying that the Manual of Land Warfare that the minister refers to has only a cursory reference to what would happen if there were a civil disturbance. It does not cover the field at all. The minister has hinted at some other form of regulation, and I think that is really what Senator Cooney is wanting to know about. You see, what we have here is a piece of legislation that is not antiterrorist; that is part of it. If it were antiterrorist, I would not be nearly so concerned about this, but it opens up the whole field to the use of the ADF in circumstances where civilians are not just indirectly but maybe directly involved in a protest situation, for example. We are trying to find out here what the operative guidelines are in those circumstances. The Manual of Land Warfare certainly is not an operative guideline and does not deal with that in any detail at all.